About Us

Who We Are

Sexto Elemento is a small team of car enthusiasts who are passionate about all things cars. After carefully evaluating the industry, we discovered that there were very few online places providing the motor vehicle community with both high-quality information for DIY (Do It Yourself) budgets. We believe that we have filled this gap in the market and pride ourselves on our dedication to both of these ideals: premium-quality products and impeccable customer service! We hope to help all car enthusiasts any way we can.

What We Do

Our team is passionate about cars and composites. We work hard to create the finest products to help DIY car guys. Every product that we include has been carefully screened to ensure and peer tested that they meet our high standards. As a result, we have quickly earned a reputation within the industry for quality and reliability. All of these products are now available to you conveniently from just one online store that you can trust!


Meet Our Main Contributor

Giacomo G.

Driver, Nerdy Car Guy, Digital Media Producer, Passionate about Composite Parts Making, etc

Based in Florida, I’m passionate about all things motor vehicles. A driver/drifter, car builder, road tripper, budget-friendly world traveler, and media producer (pictures, blog posts, video). I spent my youth as the residential “car guy,” and the passion just grew from there. I learned composite laminating from building my first race car (AE86) with my father.

Sexto Elemento at work, preparing our Toyota AE86 for its first ever shakedown runs (with its new overall set-up). Notice our custom front bumper, headlight housings, and the fenders, all composite parts designed and made in-house, in the DIY composite lamination way. 

P.S. This is also the “Before” Picture 

. . .and now the After picture.

Our Story

Sexto Elemento’s story officially begins in 2016, but the inspiration happened in the mid-2000s when we finished version 1.0 of our Toyota AE86 and people came up us about the carbon fiber parts we made. People were not use to DIY carbon fiber parts at grassroots events, let alone high-quality carbon fiber parts. The AE86 evolved (to its current state), and so did the composite parts projects, more carbon fiber parts, we kept pushing the limits of DIY composite lamination with carbon fiber dashes, camera mounts, hood, hatch and even a carbon fiber brake booster. 

We designed and created our line of Toyota AE86 full aero kits (headlight housings, fenders, side skirts, front and rear bumpers), this was the moment that even more people asked us about custom composite parts and how to make them. Sexto Elemento started shortly after a track day friend asked: “why don’t you guys start a business related to carbon fiber or cars?” So we did both, and we cater to DIY car enthusiasts and people who enjoy any aspect of car culture. Check out S.E. Composites 101 for more information on carbon fiber, fiberglass (glass fiber), Kevlar, etc.

Check out the Car Culture section where we share our passion for cars, be it attending iconic professional races like The Formula One Grand Prix of Monza, The 12 Hours of Sebring, The 24 Hours of Daytona, and more. We enjoy participating in events with our Toyota  AE86 and taking small to epic road trips whenever possible, all this with our philosophy firmly in place “low budget, high-quality.”

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