The Starting Line

What Is Sexto Elemento's Starting Line?

Welcome to the Sexto Elemento website, where we mix car culture and composites to give you a unique experience. We cater to the DIY (Do It Yourself), limited budget car enthusiast but Sexto Elemento broadens the horizon for anyone who likes cars, travel and wants to make composite parts (carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, etc.).

So where to start, where is your “starting line” here at Sexto Elemento?

We put together a summary of our favorite articles and guides to give you an idea on who we are, what we do and what we are all about. 

So who is Sexto Elemento? Click here to go to our About Us page to learn more about what we do and the story behind Sexto Elemento. 

Road Trip Adventures

Road Tripping In Iceland

Click Above to see the unique experience of taking a road trip in Iceland. A movie and this road trip made us fall in love with this country. Iceland is a unique experience, feels like being on another planet.

The Italian Road Trip

Click above to see the the road trip in one of the most beautiful countries in the world for anyone, to car guys to wanderlusters, and everything in between. Italy has it all. The Italian Road Trip packs in a lot (from Rome, Tuscany, Lake Como, Portofino and Venice to name a few, plus a Formula One race in the legendary Monza Autodromo.

Traveling On Route 66 "The Mother Road"

Click above for the All-American road trip from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier. There is nothing like the open road and interesting history and stops along the way in this epic road trip. If you love interesting travel or cars or both, this one is for you my friends.


The Travel Guide To The 24 Hours Of Daytona

Click above for our travel guide on one of the most legendary endurance races in the world, in the world's first motorsport stadium. This travel guide was born from our yearly trips to Daytona for the endurance race and helping people plan their trips because Daytona International Speedway is a massive facility to walk around in.

The Travel Guide To The 12 Hours Of Sebring

Click above to plan your trip to another legendary track, which has grown to be one of Sexto Elemento's favorite race tracks. The 12 Hours of Sebring is one of the most fun and eclectic gathering of auto racing fans, just wait until the sun sets. The 12 Hours of Sebring is 12 hour party with fast cars racing around it.

The 2018 12 Hours Of Sebring Experience

Click above for our coverage and experience of The 12 Hours of Sebring in 2018, from before the race, start of the race, the finish and everything in between. Experience this event through our eyes.

S.E. Composites 101

4 Reasons To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber Parts

Click above to know why you should make your own carbon fiber parts. Stop paying so much money for carbon fiber parts, if you make your own you will save a lot of money and gain a highly desired skill.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Click above to better understand this exotic composite. See how making your own carbon fiber parts is obtainable by almost all budgets. After you read this post you will understand the important aspects of a carbon fiber project.

Carbon Fiber: Pros vs. Joes (DIY)

Click above to see the differences and similarities of professional composite laminators and DIY (Do It Yourself) composite laminators. Your garage, shed or shop is closer to a pro shop for composites than you think.

Some Helpful Links For Composites

Glossary For Composites

 Shopping List For A Composite Project

Calculating Material Weights And Costs

DIY Composite Laminator

Tools And Workstation

Thank for stopping by “The Starting Line” of Sexto Elemento. We hope you now have a feel for what we do here and our passion for car culture and composites. We also hope this becomes your “starting line” for your adventures be it travel, cars or composites. We want a community of helpful and passionate people helping others finish their projects or plans for the future. There is a lot of passions/hobbies out there in the world but car culture and composites has a great community that we would like to help in anyway we can.

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